I have stayed in Berlin for 3 days. Today is my last day here and I am going back to Barcelona tomorrow. Because there is one of the most famous character whose name is " Broken Jr." in the manga" Kinnikuman", I came here to meet him. However, he is not in Berlin. I think he is in Japan now. It is so sad. As you know, I gave up on going to Greece. My purpose for going to Greece was to meet " Saint Seiya". I think he is also in Japan. Jajaja.

Berlin was totally destoyed like Tokyo during the second world war . I saw some pics taken after that war at the exhibition displayed in front of "Brandenburger tor". Arround "Brandenburger tor" there was nothing in those pics. After the war, Berlin was separated and the wall was built . you know that. Yesterday I went to look around the area where there used to be "the Wall." I saw a long line from north to south. There are a lot of new builing around Potsdamer plaza and one of them is "Sony Center." Here is one of the hottest spot in Berlin. Today I went to Jewish museum. I want you to see my pics because I cannot say anything about that.

I don't know why a lot of tourists ask me about directions. Spanish, French,or American. In Tokyo I was asked a lot. Por que?

Anyway, I am going back to my third hometown " Barcelona." The host family has offered me to stay their house and my germany friend has allowed me to share her room. It must be really fun. I know about Barcelona a lot.

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