What a dirty city Napoli is!!

I am in Napoli.... Streets are dirty... Buildings are dirty... mmmm but my hotel is cheap and clean. Because Napoli was occupied by a lot of countries in its history, the looks of women living in Napoli are various.

Today, I went to Capri Isle to visit "Ao no Do-ku-tsu" ( I forgot its name in Italian). It took for 40 min from Napoli to Capri by ship. That place was extreamly amazing.. In that cave, everything was BLUE!! I cannot explain about it even in Japanese.

Now I am checking the price of the airplane for going to Athens(Greece). It is, however, very expensive. I can go there by ship but ,first of all, I have to go to other places to which I have to take a train for 4 hours and half from Napoli. Even if I go there like Bari or somewhere, I need to take a ship to got to Greece for looong time.... nnn I have to decide weather I go to Athens or not.

I have another idea. I directly go to Budapesto or somewhere.............. Do u Shi yo u kana^^

My trip is flexible. If I want something, I can do it. I do not want, I can decide not to do it. This is the word " TRIP". It is such a great word...

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