Roma no kyujitsu

I am in Roma. Yesterday we moved out from Firenze to Roma. It took 2 hours and half. We went to "the Colosseum" and some historical places. While looking around Roma, we ran into one big event in Roma . Yesterday, Tutti who is the most famos football player in Roma got married with a woman who I do not know at a church. When going down stairs next to that church, we saw a lot of people and some cameras. It was at 18:00. We noticed that thay were waiting for Tutti and we decided to wait for seeing his marrige. At 18:30, the weather suddenly changed and it was hard storm. We, of course, got sorked.....
At 19:00,,,,, It was getting better weather and it almost stopped rainning. Then ......... Totti!! Totti!!! I saw Totti!!!! We got a great position to see him. When it rained, we waited for him under storm, even though a lot of people left there at that time... Tutti and the Colosseum.... Yesterday was such a perfect day!!!!!

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