Pompei - Napoli

I am still in Napoli which I hate. It is said that people living in North Italy hate People living in South because northern cities make money but southern cities doesn't so. In Napoli, there are a lot of people, who are not working, on the streets . Moreover, staff of shops are not working because there is no customers.

I went to Pompei ruin yesterday. It was too hot and that place was very big to see around, I finally got heated disorder... Pompei was interesting. I want to show some pictures in Pompei but I cannot do it right now. I think I have six sense. Sometimes I felt really bad because I felt someone or something around me. For instance, here is the situation. There are bunch of people in this area and this place was really hot. However, I suddenly felt cold, then I took a picture. Despite the digital camera, this pics was not clear to see.
In Pompei I felt cold at one place....

I decided where to go. My next city is ....." Venezia!." I will stay there for 3 nights 4 days. I almost give up on going to Greece in this trip. There is a direct line which goes to Greece from Berlin. Hopefully, I have time to go to Berlin, I will go to Greece on around 7th July .

A lot of people can easily think what is going on in this week. In my case, I know where I will be in three days but I do not know where I will be and what I will do.... I am just one of the travelers in Europe.

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