Manola in Milano

The day before yesterday, we went to the street "Montenapoleone??" which is very famous as "SHOPPING". Yesterday UME went there again but I was not interested in buying a expensive clothing .Even though there ware bunch of shops, I took a nap^^ haha.
After one year, finally I met Manola who I met in SF in 2004. Her favorite artist used to be "Norah Jones" , but it is "PUNK" right now. I was so suprised at her look which was totally different from its before one year. She and her boyfriend took us to a Italian restaurant and a special place( oh! I cannot exprain about this place^^)

The next city is "Florence". We are gonna stay there for 3 days. While staying there, we plan to go to PISA? PISSA?( I don't know how to write.)

Anyway, I still cannot use Japanese.... Adios!

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